Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vote Goya: 11 reasons why

Why are we voting for Goya in 2008?
  1. Washington outsider
  2. Young and attractive
  3. Foreign policy experience: has eaten Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Jewish, Japanese, Korean, Peruvian, Jamaican, Polish, Spanish, and Afghani food
  4. Health care plan: free vets for everyone . . . it's better than what we have now . . Dental consists of a rawhide for every American
  5. Lactose intolerant: no worries of tainted Chinese milk, and angry about tainted pet food
  6. Homeland security: barks loudly
  7. In touch with the people: started life as an orphan, adopted by struggling artists
  8. Fitness: four walks a day, minimum, for all Americans
  9. Family values: likes to cuddle, eat around the table
  10. Economical: never lets scraps go to waste
  11. Feel good: believes in love and licks above all else