Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot Off the Press: New York Daily News

We've hit a major Metropolitan newspaper . . . Today, reporters from the NY Daily News are using their SPNG names! Read the article on the NY Daily News website.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hot Off the Press: Scranton Times Tribune Interview

The Scranton Times-Tribune published a 5 Questions with me in today's paper. You can visit their site for the published interview, or you can read below for all the things they didn't publish. More press to come in the next few days.

P.S. All the candidates seem to want to milk that Scranton connection. Joe Biden gets props by being just a working class boy from Scranton. Hillary even tried to claim that she was a working class boy from Scranton. Maybe I should create a Working Class Boy from Scranton Stump Speech Generator?

9 Questions (No Edits)

Q. What would be the best part about Sarah Palin being vice president?

A. As the economy fails and China rises to power, America will need to inspire more budding beauty queens to compete on the international job market, not scientists or people who can read.

Q. What would be the worst part about Sarah Palin being vice president?

A. Given Palin’s qualifications, her choice of baby names, and her extreme stances on polarizing issues, there wouldn’t be anything for critics to poke fun at.

Q. Did you know that the letters in "Sarah Palin" can be rearranged to spell "a sharp nail"?

A. I tried making a Sarah Palin Anagram Generator, but there were only 10! (factorial) possible results and most of them were gibberish.

Q. What's your favorite political joke?

A.It can’t be printed in a family publication, but it has to do with Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and the Homestead Act.

Q. If you were Joe Biden, and you were debating Sarah Palin, what would you say to poke fun at her, even at the risk of alienating every fence-sitting voter?

A. Canada is geographically larger than the United States but with only about a tenth of our population. Why is this? Hockey accounts for the deaths about about 1/3 of all potential fathers in Canada, and hockey moms are leading them straight to it. Do we really want a VP who wants to kill our boys?

Q. Your blog makes light of politics. Didn't anyone ever tell you that politics is serious business?

A. If I put “politics serious business” into the generator, it spits out “Mullet Troll Palin.”

Q. As a president, John McCain would be much easier to lampoon than Barack Obama. So, regardless of political leanings, you've got to be pulling for McCain, right?

A. I figure Obama’s got at least 8 working years in him, and at 72 McCain . . . well, the average American male life expectancy is 75, which makes for a short satire career.

Q. It's 2010. President McCain has decided to retire, leaving Sarah Palin as commander in chief. What's the first thing you're going to do?

A. Run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Q. If Sarah Palin were president, who would have more to worry about: polar bears or doctors who perform abortions?

A. On the domestic front, doctors who perform abortions on polar bears and the polar bears who perform abortions on doctors would have the most to worry about. However, given the proximity of Alaska to Russia, I’d have to say that Russian polar bear abortionists would be quaking on their ice floes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you

Dear Baby Namers,

I'm completely blown away by the response that the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator (SPBNG?) is getting. I feel particularly indebted to Anne Lamont at, Ken Lane at, and all the funny people who've been tickled by my little foray into political frustration.
Moreover, I expect to see a lot of Crunk Bearcat and Scat Dubya Palins running for office in 20 years. That's right, I want you to name your kids this way.

Seriously, I hope you all will vote. For Obama, of course. But thank you, thank you, thank you. I am humbled and flattered.

Yours truly,

David W. Harrington a.k.a Skein Chug Palin

P.S. If I put Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator into the generator, it comes out Goalie Sanka Palin, which is much more succinct.