Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you

Dear Baby Namers,

I'm completely blown away by the response that the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator (SPBNG?) is getting. I feel particularly indebted to Anne Lamont at Salon.com, Ken Lane at Wonkette.com, and all the funny people who've been tickled by my little foray into political frustration.
Moreover, I expect to see a lot of Crunk Bearcat and Scat Dubya Palins running for office in 20 years. That's right, I want you to name your kids this way.

Seriously, I hope you all will vote. For Obama, of course. But thank you, thank you, thank you. I am humbled and flattered.

Yours truly,

David W. Harrington a.k.a Skein Chug Palin

P.S. If I put Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator into the generator, it comes out Goalie Sanka Palin, which is much more succinct.


Tom P. said...

I love my new name, Recoil Mush. Guns and dog sleds... what could be better. Thanks for creating this thing. I linked to it from my blog.

Luo Yuk Wah said...

I am also Skein Chug Palin!! And I thought Palin was being original here... :) Thanks for the laugh!

Nomi said...

I am enjoying my renaissance as:

Creation Schwarzkopf Palin.

Sometimes I sign myself Creation Schwarzkopf P. for short.

To think all these years I was simply Nomi Hurwitz.

flippy said...

I would never vote for Obama in a million years; I like Palin. However, the name generator is still funny!

flippy said...

and I am Rust Mustang Palin. Catchy, lol.

Daisy said...

Halter Grasshopper Palin here. I look forward to becoming the US president someday. Vote Canine!

fjb said...

Au contrair, thank you. It's not often you can actually have fun and think about Sarah Palin at the same time.

Paul said...

When are you going to put up a general new-name generator? Didn't Obama change his name from Barry?

Palin for President said...

If that is all you have on Sarah Palin, then be prepared to see her win the White House because Americans like her for her unique character.

Sarah Palin for President!


MoonBeam said...

No way should we ever consider
this dangerous ultra right wing
neocon for the Vice Presidency.
She is the epitome of what happens when the majority of the eskimos don't vote and a small amount of people turn out for one reason. Palindrone must be stopped, in her quest for world power.

This little quiz was funny.
If crazy Sarah was my mother, apparently, my name would be
Timber Challenger. Thanks a lot.

Send Sarah back to Alaska to face the music she created there.
Vote for change, Obama 2008